Lifetime of Good Health

Kung fu means hard work to achieve skill.

Kung Fu Families are Welcome!

Who: Kids, Parents, Friends of Family


Kung fu means hard work to achieve skill.

Sifu Valerie Lee offers creative health and fitness classes and seminars from traditional northern-style Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese medicine perspectives. With the wisdom of these arts, learn effective exercises for better health, improved clarity, strength and focus. Welcome and thank you for your site visit.

Adults and Teens My 18 years of experience as a teacher at San Francisco State University motivates and inspires me to recognize the importance of defining strategies for students and people in busy work environments  to manage a healthy lifestyle with a healthy and enjoyable workout. People of all ages can gain insights on how to surpass a variety of personal limitations whether it physical or mental with our authentic and unique format designed by Sifu Adam Hsu. Focus is on integrating Kung Fu skills into daily life with an emphasis on peer co-operation, and communication.

We welcome new beginners to attend class any Saturday! Its the best way to meet us and try our style to see if it’s a good fit for you. We are a hardy, robust group who enjoys working out in the beautiful spot that we share with wildlife such as red tail hawks and coyotes.

Call us for a Free Intro class call Sifu Valerie (415) 518-8100. Click here for Directions.





In today’s world of high speed technology, time for cultivating our health is often not a priority until illness arises. Because we no longer use our bodies to secure daily needs, as in hunting and gathering days, it is easy to take good health for granted. As developed as science and technology are, they will never surpass the amazing abilities of life itself or substitute for taking care of ourselves. While the human body is remarkable and functions well with minimal maintenance, it best sustains itself indefinitely with habitual replenishment. Are you planning to have a lifetime of good health? It takes planning to achieve an objective of good health and Kungfu can be an excellent part of that plan.