Faces in the Park

“A group of people who are comfortable enough with one another to try new things – awkward postures, jumps, etc.

Strength that’s enjoyable and non threatening, not menacing. Joyful pride in everyone.

The settings and the movements are so different than the normal scenes from my routine outside kung fu, which are sometimes for lack of a better adjective; scary that the pictures seem like a window into an area of relaxation and safety.”

– Nate B.

Pigua Chang (Splitting Palm)


Pigua Chang (Splitting Palm)


Twist Stance
Du li (single leg stance)
Maifu Chang Chuan (ambush long fist)
Islamic Style Long Fist – Pao Chuan Form 03
Maifu Longfist Ambush form 05
Maifu Chang Chuan (Ambush Fist)
Bow and Arrow stance
Pao Chuan – Cannon Fist 05
Tornado Kick


Willow Leaf Sabre

Willow Leaf Sabre
Willow Leaf Sabre
Willow Leaf Sabre


Heaven Man and Earth Sword

Heaven Man and Earth Sword
Heaven Man and Earth Sword
Heaven Man and Earth Sword
Heaven Man and Earth Sword


“Taking this class has been an amazing experience for me in many ways. The Kung Fu we do is a very pure form of expression for me and practicing it has brought me a balance that I have not known before – it has shown me that mind, body, and spirit can work in unity.

Practice has taught me to look at difficulty differently. Things that I thought were impossible become possible through hard work and focus. The lessons I learn in class stretch into my daily life, whether I consciously try to apply them or not. Now, in my daily life, few things are intimidating.”

– Chris D.

“Extending my awareness,
Coiling up power and potential energy,
Remaining focused on enhancing my existence,
Feeling new levels of ability,
While understanding usage of movements,
Gaining confidence while gazing beyond horizons,
My body becoming a fist,
Communicating meaning through longfist kung fu,
Breathing mist and sweating the truth”

– Sean G.

“When practicing Kung Fu, when engaging in hard work to achieve achieve skill, I am struck by the simplicity and incomprehensibility of a practice which is quite literally body through mind.

To root and to grow, to move forward and back while remaining still, this is the body I work toward, this is the mind that I must be. ”

– Aja D.