Valerie offers seminars at your onsite work or school location. These seminars can be personalized for your group.

Introduction is one to two hours
Half day seminar is three hours
Full day seminar is five to six hours
Weekend seminar is ten to twelve hours
Week seminars are available during the summer

Chen Taiji Short Form
The Chen Taiji short form practice improves focus as you apply your full attention to learn the details of each of the 36 movements. Learning the sequence of the form increases concentration to calm and quiet the mind. Discipline is acquired as time and effort are put into repeating and memorizing taiji movements. As they become second nature so does your awareness of freewill choice. Building strength and awareness of the body gives a practitioner confidence and live mindfully spiritual.

Taiji Usage
Many people are attracted to the slow graceful movements of modern taiji. Throughout the world taiji practitioners benefit from this calm focused relaxed style and often overlook it’s martial aspects. In fact, taiji has become a predominately health oriented style. Chen taiji in it’s original state is composed of tempo changes and hard and soft movements. It’s main characteristic is called reeling silk, a spiraling action to issue power. The martial art usage of taiji is struggling to remain alive in today’s modern society. This class will focus on the actual uses of Chen taji as it was conceived of by our ancestors.

The Soul of Chen Taiji- Reeling Silk Energy
Learn how and why Taiji Chuan is the Grand Ultimate Style. Enter it’s soul and spirit as you learn to move your whole body, arms and legs with the ancient Chinese reeling silk of taiji. The graceful and powerful movements will calm and relax your muscles and nervous system. Your physical body is a spirutually mindful body in which your spirit and mind and body exist and interact simultaneously as a oneness. The spiraling action will introduce taiji power issuing and the oneness of your wellbeing.

Mi Tsung
is translated as Lost Track. Other translations found are lion and secret. Lost Track could perhaps mean to try and confuse one’s enemies. This explains why some movements in the form shift to the opposite side before they are completed. That way an outside observer would not be able follow the complex footwork or understand the usage. Yen Chien, a martial arts hero, is the person credited as founder of the Mi Tsung style. He is also an historical figure, known for his Robin Hood Politics.

This seminar introduces a branch of Mi Tsung called Mi Tsung Bai Chuan, taught to me by Shifu Adam Hsu. Bai means white, pale, simple, easy and popular. Mi Tsung ‘Gia’ or ‘Structure’ is the first form. It has four sections, an opening, a middle section, the middle section reversed to the other side, and an ending. Mi Tsung is considered by its founder Huo Yuan Jia, ‘easy to learn, but difficult to practice.’

San Ts’ai Chien (Heaven Man and Earth Sword)
The sword is compared to the phoenix and has a more refined nature than the tiger. In motion, the sword exemplifies beauty pride and grace. It is calm, fluid and proud like the phoenix. This seminar will introduce our basic kung fu sword set, the san ts’ai chien form. It’s name literally refers to the three levels: heaven, man and earth. These levels also correspond to the three possible levels of attack and defense – that is high, middle and low.

Willow Leaf Saber
The willow leaf saber is not only beautifully shaped but also is a practical weapon, aerodynamically designed for maximum speed and efficiency in use. ‘Fierce like a tiger’ accurately describes the saber’s aggressive and explosive characteristics. This seminar will be an introduction to the saber’s tiger spirit of bravery and ferocity. Be prepared with your own saber to learn basics and form. All levels are welcome.

Three Linking Forms (Lian Huan Tou) from the Longfist system

Linking Fist (Lian Huan Chuan ) is designed to teach time (yu) and space (tsou). The concept comes from the Chinese philosophy of ‘yu’, meaning directions such as east, west, north, south and ‘chou’, meaning from ancient time to future. The seemingly simplistic movements of linking fist contain key elements towards developing a good base and foundation for one¹s long fist training. It can be compared to a beginner learning to write his or her ABC’s using a simple neat printing style. Linking fist contains our kung fu ABC’s: movements using transitions from the horse to bow and arrow stances, alternating punches, palm strikes. The essential ingredient for good kung fu basics is learning the principle of moving our arms and legs at the same time with proper alignment and structure. Lian Huan Chuan opens the door for a beginner to understand these fundamental building blocks of kung fu.At the

Linking Leg (Lian Huan Tuei) intermediate level, balance, strength, agility, coordination and timing in a kung fu way are required. The skill level increases. Blocking and punching is practiced with quick steps and a kick in an upbeat one-two, three tempo. Just as a writing student progresses to a handwriting style, our linking movements become circular with more twists and curves. These fluid continuous movements help us to develop and understand the important principles of shaving and sticking an opponent.

Linking Palms(Lian Huan Chang) movements are freer. Movements are all palms, all not regulated but must follow regulation. When we speak of our palms in kung fu, it is both palms connected together across the upper body acting together as one. At this point our long fist practice has matured. Now our writing has a quick and easy style, but like a doctors prescription, it¹s not always easy to read. Without predetermined arrangements of fighting techniques our kung fu movements can take care of an unpredictable opponent.

The In and External Health Exercises of Bagua Palms
The bagua’s system’s eight internal palms are breath exercises done with the imagery of mythological and terrestrial animals. The addition of the specialized step provides a complete form of health exercise, that massages internal organs, lubricates the joints and strengthens muscle, tendons, and bones. This is an excellent example for the ideal of traditional Chinese breath exercises….both the internal and external has to be well balanced to harmonize together.

Five Animals, Five Elements
Level 1
Are you lost in your oceans of emotions? A popular Chinese health exercise developed thousands of years ago by Dr. Hua To, the five animals are simple and effective exercises to promote good health by revealing the self and life you are living. Each animal has it’s distinct relationship with internal organs and these organs in turn have a distinct relationship with the five emotions of the elemental system. This seminar will introduce the five animal exercises and their interactions with each other according to the five elements.

Yin and Yang and You
Yin and yang, the basis of Chinese philosophy, can be applied in both kung fu and good health. Whether in your exercise program or daily life, it is always helpful to understand yourself through this ancient philosophy. Hear how the waves of yin yang will reveal to you how to end your duality struggle and live the life you truly desire.

Healthy Reasons with the Seasons
The winter
What would you like to know about staying healthy this winter? Within an interactive open forum, we can all beat the cold winter blues. Living according to the seasons (just as the animals do) is a natural and practical approach to good health, and environmental factors affect us more than we realize. Come and discuss healthy reasons with the seasons, share warm up exercises and learn Chinese self-massage.

Valerie Lee has been involved with martial arts since 1971. She is a national and international tournament champion in fighting and forms competition. She actively ipromotes traditional Chinese martial arts and health through seminars in the US and Europe. She has instructed teachers and faculty at San Francisco State University, the Big Island Acupuncture College in Hawaii, F.I.S.T. martial art camps in Amsterdam, PAWMA camps on the west coast, Special Training on the east coast. She currently is promoting Longfist iin the UK.

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