Seminars and Workshops

Sifu Valerie Lee is available for training workshops at various times throughout the year.

To inquire about Sifu’s availability for your event, please email with your location and desired workshop date. In addition to the teaching fee, all travel and accommodations are paid by workshop organizers.

Youtube Workshop Samples These seminars can be personalized for your group.

Introduction is one to two hours
Half day seminar is three hours
Full day seminar is five to six hours
Weekend seminar is ten to twelve hours
Week seminars are available during the summer

Chen Taiji Short Form
Taiji Usage
Mi Tsung (Lost Track)
Three Linking Forms from the Longfist system
San Ts’ai Chien (Heaven Man and Earth Sword)
Willow Leaf Saber
Five Animals, Five Elements
The In and External Health Exercises of Bagua Palms
Yin and Yang and You
Healthy Reasons with the Seasons

Private Lessons available by appointment.

2012 Oslo Norway Workshop 

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2011 Berlin Germany Pigua Chang Workshop