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Kung fu. It’s a martial art, a means for self defense. It’s a form of exercise. It is also a way of life. In practicing kung fu, learning never stops, and you must be prepared to face this long journey. But facing this journey, you also learn things about yourself, you learn to recognize and over come your weaknesses. You learn perseverance and that any shortcomings you may encounter are merely temporary, and that with hard work and patience they slowly disappear. This translates into everyday life as well. Anything can become kung fu with the right attitude, and what you once thought were limitations become opportunities for growth.

by DALLAS TAYLOR on JUNE 22, 2014

Prior to 2010

12-29-09 – Honoring Fukuda Sensei Demo at Mills College Oakland November 08 2009.

08-10-09 – ST 09 Piqua Demo at Oberlin College July 10, 2009.

01-06-09 – Freedom 4 Demo at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center December 18th 2008.

9-18-07 – Another Youtube to check out. Saber Demo We’ll have this basic saber form start in our Wednesday evening Spring 08 class.

4-28-07 – Brit Robin Sunley on his last day visiting from the UK!

3-06-07 – New on Youtube Check it out!

1-25-07- Notable quotable – “The Universe offers you everythings but gives you nothing”. The benevolent world wants us to be creative and choose our own life paths.

1-10-06 Visitors are always welcome to try a complementary class in the park. Start your year with a new kungfu personal training regiment. Our classes are designed to activate and stimulate your unique abilities.

2-28-05 – Year of the Rooster visit from Shifu Adam Hsu.

1-24-05 – New Taiji Class Forming – I will be teaching the Chen Taiji Short Form. SeeAbout Taiji .

9-3-04- Piqua Chang, Chen Taiji and Sword workshops at 2004 Pacific Association 0f Women Martial Artist PAWMA 2004 Training Camp for Women and Girls, Olympia Washington

5-12-04 – Lost Track Longfist and Staff Seminar at Shifu Stanley Johnson’s Southern Sky Kung fu School. Newly opened in February.

4-11-04 – Taipei Journey to see Shifu Adam Hsu.

2-06-04 – New! Photos of OKC Dallas and AWMAI Florida….January excursions.

2-03-04 – “Do what you know and the next step will be given” Soul growth is not dependant upon what an individual knows; instead it is predicated upon what an individual does about what he or she knows. – Edgar Cayce – We celebrated our Chinese New Year by practicing Bagua Animal Health exercises from the spring new moon to the full. Wood Monkey brings a new cycle of beginnings. Enjoy creating your wonderous future. It all starts at the tip of your nose.

1-20-04 – A strong heart and a passion for life without judgement will carry you into extraordinary realms of delight and happiness. In the event that it is drizzling or rains, we meet at SFSU Hensil Hall at 930am.

9-23-03 “Everyone in your universe is of your own creation” -R.C.

7-24-03 Notable quotable – If it’s inevitable, just lay back and enjoy it – Roger Cotting The last two weeks has just about been like that. Ten days in Hawaii attending an incredible seminar http://www.foreverlivingonline.net.and following up teaching and immediately applying what I experienced at NWMAF Special Training in Ohio http://www.nwmaf.org/. Back, refreshed and ready to go.

5-21-03 Shifu Adam was recently in town, his first visit in 2 years. Some of you were able to make it to the Saturday class and experience his teaching. He also had several classes in the South Bay, all of which I attended. His visit was invigorating and inspiring for me.

4- 27-03 It’s been the wettest April we’ve had in 20 years! In the event that it is drizzling or rains, we meet at the Hensil Hall undercover at SFSU.

1-04-03 Trivial question of the day – How tall was Bruce Lee? He was 5’ 7” and 137 lbs.

Notable Quotable -Wherever you go, there you are – Roger Cotting
11-09-02 We lucked out this weekend after the 66 mph winds storm took everyone by surprise. Saturday morning was another beautiful clear fall day in the park. It often is dry on Saturday mornings during the rainy season. Unless it is obviously raining, we will meet in the park.

The Spring and Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts – 5000 Years

Recommended reading: The Spring and Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts – 5000 Years by Kang Gewu – Professor, Chinese Wushu Research Institute


Introduction: The materials our group is presenting are taken from the book Spring & Autumn of Chinese Martial Arts, written by Kang Gewu. Each of us will be giving our presentation followed by a personal statement about our experience with Chinese martial arts.

What is Chinese martial arts? Chinese martial arts is a physical sport that originated 5000 years ago with its theoretical foundation, offensive and defensive movements. The practice of special skills, routines and fighting skills are the three exercise patterns of Chinese martial arts. Other names, such as Jiji (striking techniques), Wuyi (martial arts), Guo shu (national techniques), Gongfu (practicing techniques), have been used. In 1990, the International Wushu Federation unified these names into Wushu.

What are the goals of Wushu? When we think of practicing Wushu, we often come up with two goals that practitioners can benefit from: health improvement and self defense. First of all, Wushu can impose positive effects on our body’s motor, respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous systems. It can balance and strengthen our health internally and externally. From the frequent stretching and retractions of our muscles, it accelerates the circulation of energy through the channels in our body. Therefore, it improves our health and helps us maintain our well-being. Secondly, the practice of Wushu enables us to transform the opponent’s greatest strength and speed into weaker strength in which we can defend ourselves and defeat the opponent. In addition, Wushu is not only improving our health and preparing ourselves for self-defense; it is also helping us to cultivate our virtue and morality. By practicing Wushu, we cultivate our bodies and minds, standardize our words and deeds, and evaluate good and evil. It also helps us to understand the concept of holistic Wushu, the theory of Yin and Yang, and Quan theory as perfected by the traditional philosophical concepts.
Personal Experience with Wushu:Practicing Wushu helps me to be more aware of my surroundings and to concentrate better on the tasks I do.

Final Presentation
by NANCY HSU on APRIL 11, 2006